Academic Assessment

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What is an Academic Evaluation?

In today’s world we are subject to a number of demands. From school age, children are constantly under pressure: the selection process, exams, demands on grades and performance. Parents and teachers feel the need to assess children’s ability from an early age. Adults at work are under continual pressure to be more productive and demonstrate it.

An academic assessment is useful in providing information about learning delays or pinpointing areas of academic difficulty and can help an individual, school or organization better understand why an individual is having difficulties with certain material and help them overcome those difficulties.

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At Brain Traning Center, through a brain map, we can assess adults, children, youth or employees and help them discover and understand their strengths and difficulties. We help to find the deficit areas in which it is necessary to work.

Which are the benefits of an academic assessment?

Planning the diagnosis and/or treatment

A child’s behavior can be complex and confusing. Sometimes it may seem impossible to pinpoint the triggers for emotional outbursts, temper tantrums, and oppositional behavior. An academic assessment facilitates the identification of behavioral issues and provides treatment suggestions that include the home and/or school environment.

The goal of an academic assessment is to provide clinicians, parents, schools and/or other institutions with the information needed to identify the best plan for each child. We also provide suggestions on the implementation of these findings, either through individualized therapeutic treatment, home intervention or referral. Anxiety, depression, attention deficit and a variety of other behavioral, cognitive and/or neuropsychological problems can be evaluated in order to provide a comprehensive report of your child’s needs.

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At Brain Traning Center we work together with physicians, psychologists and educational institutions in the cognitive and neuropsychological evaluation of children, adolescents and adults.