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Innovative, effective and safe treatments

that will help you generate changes in your life

Did you know that your brain activity can show conditions such as depression or anxiety?

3 reasons why Neurofeedback is an effective treatment

Sounds interesting, right?

At Brain Training Center we have

Interdisciplinary Team

professionals in neuroscience, informatics, medicine and psychology

Customized Diagnostic

We identify the problems associated with your physical, mental and emotional condition.

Holistic approach

We treat the patient with a holistic approach in which the patient himself is part of his treament and healing.

Innovation and Technology

We offer scientifically based innovative treatments.


2018 – Happiness Challenge (Looxid Labs, South Corea).

2020 – Neurological Health & Well-Being Centre of the Year. (Prestige Corporate LiveWire.)

I have an entrepreneurial spirit; I am creative and have a good sense of humor.

I am convinced that empathic communication is one of the most important keys to personal and corporate success.

I have a solid academic background as an electrical engineer, master in business administration and neurofeedback therapist. I have multidisciplinary and multicultural experience in leadership, business development, project- and event management. I am a visual storyteller passionate about neuroscience, music, nature, hiking and climbing.

I have found that my life’s mission is to promote functional health with evidence-based medicine, helping others learn more about their body and brain, breaking stigmas and changing habits.

If you want to learn more about me, I invite you to visit my YouTube channel:


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Scientific evidence on Nutrition

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