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Understanding the neuroscience of your brain helps you increase productivity, be more successful and feel happy in your personal and corporate life. Through lectures and practical workshops, you will learn how to create a personal and team commitment through focus, attention and flow. You will learn how to change wrong behaviors permanently by connecting the rational mind with the emotional brain. Our lectures illuminate various aspects from the perspective of the brain that will inspire, entertain and make people learn, think, act and connect.

Neuroscience and Corporate Happiness

(face-to-face, online)


(face-to-face, online)

What is neurofeedback

(face-to-face, online)


(face-to-face, online)

39 Days of Neuroscience for Kids

(face-to-face, online. English)

10 Myths about our Nutrition

(face-to-face, online)

Body Language Workshop

(face-to-face. Spanish. German)