Peak Performance

An efficient brain elevates your capacities to the maximum

What is Peak Performance?

When you exercise your muscles, you get stronger. When you practice something new like chess, piano or learn to ride a bike, you become better at that skill. This is because the brain, like muscles, has the ability to change to adapt to the environment. Neurofeedback is a tool that trains and exercises our brain, in the same way that weights train muscles. 

Many of our clients come from the business world and sports. They are looking to optimize their mental and physical condition to maximize their performance. Motivation, concentration, stability under pressure and the way in which emotions are handled at key moments are important to them. Many of them have stress-related problems. In these cases, Neurofeedback can promote relaxation and improve sleep, both essential elements for long-term brain performance, endurance and recovery. This is why neurofeedback is becoming a training standard in Olympic sports and in the corporate world.

An efficient brain can work better, more accurately, in less time.

Your performance depends on the condition of your brain. We train your brain to achieve peak performance!

Benefits of our Peak Performance Training

Executives, Professionals, athletes and musicians use neurofeedback to develop focus, avoiding distractions during key situations, increasing processing speed and concentrating all their energies on the task at hand. Balanced brain function leads to greater balance under pressure, better recovery speed after an error and less “ruminative thinking” at crucial moments. 

A Peak Performance training brings improvements in:

Case Report

A 62-year-old director of a multinational, had some difficulties with memory, sleep and anxiety. He took Ativan to calm his anxiety. Since the client had a very busy agenda, it was programmed in an intensive training twice a day, for two weekends. Have a look at his brain map in the figure. Green represents normal, blue represents low (hypoactive); red shows an area where the brain is working too hard (hyperactive). After the peak performance training, the client observed an improvement in verbal memory and visual memory. According to his personal evaluation, attention and concentration improved;  he began to sleep without waking after only five sessions. After three months, he was followed up and he stated of his well performance and mental clarity. He stopped the  medication and has signed up for another 10 training sessions.

In this case, significant electrical changes occurred in the brain. As the brain moves into more efficient patterns, brain and body functions begin to improve.

Before (top) and after (bottom), after 10 hours of neurofeedback

✓ Milano & Real Madrid Soccer Club

Canadian National Olympic Sports

 ✓ US & Norway Olympic Training Center

 ✓ NASA Astronaut Training Center

 ✓ Royal College

 ✓Royal Conservatory of Music of London

✓US Special Forces

 ✓ Chelsea Football Club

 ✓ Professional Golf Association

 ✓Taiwan Olympic team

 ✓ El equipo olímpico de Taiwán

 ✓ Singapore Olympic Sports Council

✓Special Forces of the US Navy

✓ US Sniper Training Academy

✓ US Army Performance Improvement Center

✓ Wingate Institute of Sports and Physical Education, Israel

✓ Australian Special Forces -Institute of Human Performance

✓ West Point Military Academy

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