Claudia Schütz

Your Health starts in your Brain

Hi, I’m Claudia Schütz, passionate about neuroscience and committed to provide a professional support to the people, to improve their cognitive, behavioral and physical conditions.

I have strong organizational  and networking skills and an entrepreneurial spirit.

I am creative, humorous, I am a visual storyteller, passionate about music and hiking.

I invite you to watch my videos:

qEEG didactic course

ASCA Certified Therapist

Fundamentals of Medicine


Clinical Use of the qEEG System


Dipl. Neuro- & Biofeedback Therapist

MBA – Master in Business Administration

MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Neuroscience is by far the most exciting branch of science, because the brain is the most fascinating object in the universe. Every human brain is different, the brain makes every human being unique and defines who they are.