Train your brain

What is neurofeedback?

Many conditions and problems are related to stress. Neurofeedback is an amazing, non-invasive and medication-free treatment that helps the brain to be more relaxed, flexible and efficient, achieving significant changes in your health, allowing you to better adapt to the challenges of the future.

Brain waves are electrical impulses that are generated when the millions of neurons in your head communicate with each other and reveal important information about the general functioning of the brain, including stress levels, thought patterns, and emotions.

Neurofeedback trains the brain in real time; it is like a personalized and exclusive gym program for your brain. This process does not directly target symptoms and conditions, but corrects irregular brain waves by modifying temporal patterns.

During a neurofeedback session, you will be connected to a computer through a brain-computer interface (BCI); you wear a cap with 19 sensors, which records your brain waves. For 20 minutes you will watch a movie, listen to music or play a game. When the computer detects irregular brain waves, the video and sound will fade. This will refocus your attention on the movie or music until it normalizes. This can happen hundreds of times during a session without you noticing. After multiple sessions, your brain will learn on its own to stay in the healthy ranges and you will see a reduction of your problems. Best of all, the results are permanent.!

Which benefits does this training bring you?

At Brain Training Center we offer neurofeedback therapy guided by the results of a qEEG or brain map, using advanced computer technology to evaluate brain wave activity in real time. This is the most accurate form of neurofeedback,  helping to improve various conditions, cognitive functions, memory loss, addictions or simply for the optimization of the brain.

Who can benefit from neurofeedback?

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Which problems can neurofeedback improve?

Case Report

After 20 daily training sessions, an 80-year-old patient diagnosed with Alzheimer’s discovered to his surprise that he could sign again, exactly the same as he signed when he was young.

His 35-Day SLORETA z-Score training brought improvements in the following neural networks

-Alert / Rest
– Attention
-Sensory-Motor Cortex
– Visual Cortex

Check the results in the video

✓ Football Club Milano & Real Madrid

✓ Canadian National Olympic Sports

✓ U.S. Olympic Training Centre & Norway

✓ NASA’s Astronaut Training Center

✓ Royal College – Royal Conservatoire of Music, London

✓ US Special Forces Training

✓ Chelsea Football Club

✓ The Professional Golf Association

✓ Taiwan’s Olympic team

✓ Singapore Olympic Sports Council

✓ U.S. Navy Special Forces Training

✓ The U.S. Sniper Training Academy.

✓ The U.S. Army Performance Improvement Centers.

✓ Wingate Institute of Sports and Physical Education, Israel

✓ Human Performance Institute, Special Forces Australia

✓ Academia Militar de West Point

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