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Scientific evidence on Brain Map (qEEG)

There are thousands of research studies on qEEG for a wide variety of clinical conditions, including memory problems, anxiety, depression, traumatic brain injury (TBI), attention deficit (ADD / ADHD) and processing problems in spectrum disorder. autistic (ASD). Look at the most important studies: Attention Deficit ADD / ADHD Attention deficit has been associated with deviant […]

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Scientific Evidence on Neurofeedback for Peak Performance

Here are some outstanding scientific studies on neurofeedback training for high performance: Golf performance enhancement and real-life neurofeedback training using personalized event-locked EEG profiles. Journal of Neurotherapy, 11(4), 11–18. Arns, M., Kleinnijenhuis, M., Fallahpour, K., & Bretler, R. (2007). Applied research using alpha/theta training for enhancing creativity and well-being. Journal of Neurotherapy, 5(1–2), 5–18. Boynton,

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Scientific evidence on neurofeedback

Here are some recent studies showing the effects of neurofeedback for various conditions: 1. ADD/ADHD: This 2014 review shows that when children with ADD / ADHD did neurofeedback, their parents and teachers noticed significant improvements not only in attention but also in impulsivity and hyperactivity. 2. Depression:  This 2017 study found that people with depression had improvements

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